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This is, as the title says, the Pisces webring. It is for people who were born under the sign of the twin fish, from february 20 to march 20. You don't have to have a site or even a page dedicated to Pisces. I suppose that if you were a Leo, say, and wanted to join, I couldn't stop you! Because it shows that you must love Pisces so much if you're keen to join the ring!

1. Please only submit your personal website. No commercial websites please.
2. It should go without saying, no hate sites, no intolerance, etc. Your site doesn't have to be absolutely "family friendly", but I do not want porn or anything equally unpleasant in this ring.ring!
3. Have the ring code on your site and a logo if you want one, within two weeks. If you have not added it by then you will be dropped and will have to reapply. Needless to say, if you have a good reason why you need more time, do please email me.



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